Anne’s family trip (grade 7)
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This three-part, machine-scorable task requires that students make sense of and solve a contextual problem involving rational numbers. It addresses Standard for Mathematical Practice 1 and is considered a “practice forward” task.

In the task, students apply securely held content from previous grades (decimal operations) to solve a problem involving rate and elapsed time. This allows for more targeted assessment of problem solving.

In Part a, students construct an equation electronically, something not possible within the structure of most current large-scale tests. Part b provides students an opportunity to apply the equation created in Part a. Part c requires that students make sense of a problem and persevere in finding a solution. This part presents a common scenario—average speed and driving time—but asks a unique “What if” question. The innovative machine-scorable use of technology in all three parts allows for efficient scoring of a complex task.

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